Online Fundraising




Not sure where to start? There is never one way to organise a fundraising event, but a crucial aspect to achieve success is to begin with planning your event in advance! Here are our top 10 tips to make your soup event sensational!



1) Set a Date and Venue

Choose a date and location - anywhere is fine, just as long as there is soup! You might like to choose your office lunchroom, at your home or somewhere in your local community, like your favourite local restaurant or social club.


The official date for Soup for the Soul is 20 - 27 July 2019 to coincide with World Head and Neck Cancer Day on 27 July. But don’t worry if those dates don’t work for you, you can pick any date in July!

2) Spread the word

Let your family, friends and colleagues know about your event! 


We encourage all event hosts to setup your own fundraising page on Go Fundraise - it's simple and won't take long. Your page can be easily shared with people via email and/or Facebook, and you ask your guests to do the same. 


Event hosts may also choose to print out an invitation template and send them to guests or just pick up the phone to let friends know.


See our Resources page for loads of easy to download templates.


3) Kick start your fundraising

Show you’re committed by contributing to your own fundraising page to get the ball rolling. Your guests will soon follow. 

4) Have a flat event fee 

On the day, instead of asking for a gold coin donation have a fixed entry fee for your soup event e.g. $10.


5) Ask for help

Running an event is easier if you have some helpers! Ask friends, family or colleagues to share the responsibility and the fun. Can someone make a batch of soup, decorate or help spread the word for you? Cancer affects everybody so you’d be amazed how supportive people will be if you ask.


6) Approach your employer

If you are hosting at work, why not ask your employer if they will match what you raise.



7) Approach your favourite cafe or restaurant

Do you have a favourite cafe or restuarant in your local area? You might like to:


- ask them to donate a percentage of all soups sold during July to Soup for the Soul

- hold a soup event at your local cafe

8) Make it easy to donate

Remember to place a donation box in a prominent spot at your event making it easy for guests to see and access. You might also like to setup a laptop or iPad with your fundraising page open for people to donate via credit card if they don’t have cash.


Remember to also link to your fundraising page via email. It’s a great way for those who are unable to attend to still contribute. A donation can be made any time before, during or after the event.


9) Embrace the Raffle 

Why not setup a raffle to run at your soup event? Reach out to employers and local businesses to help source prizes to use in your raffle. Sell tickets in advance as well as on the day. People love raffles and the chance to win something while supporting a good cause.


10) Bring it back to the cause

Finally, on the day, don’t forget to remind your guests that by enjoying a bowl of soup together, they’re making a real difference. Talk about why you have chosen to support Beyond Five and perhaps share a personal story.